Saturday, December 8, 2012

Does writing affect your mood - or does your mood affect your writing?

Or maybe both? 
As I was reading through various blog entries over the last week it struck me, plain and simple, that we as writers become either gloriously miserable or inexplicably chipper as we write, re-write, or try to fit writing into our lives, already crammed to the brim.
I am, as many of you know, always suffering, not so much during writing but rather trying to find the energy and time to write, at times almost dreading it.  The anguish the process causes for me inevitably spreads through my mind as I put thoughts to paper, affecting what I say and how I say it.  A chapter a month is a miracle.
Then there are those writers who can write a novel in a month, full of energy and optimism, seemingly without effort.  Is it their positive attitude that turns the pages out or do the words create their sunshine?
Which one are you?  Is there a group I am missing? What is the biggest impediment to your happy writing?