Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Are We All Blogging? Why am I?

Yes, I am a novice writer in the Blogosphere - after all, this blog is barely a month old.  And it was just two years ago that I asked my husband, who is well-versed in all new media and technologies, what on Earth these things, these "blogs" were that I kept hearing about.

Well, things change and some of those things I cannot ignore.  If I want to succeed as an author and be published someday, I need more than just skill (as if that were not enough) and a unique way with words - I need a platform.  A marketing plan.  Publicity.  Online followers.  Things I don't think I would really want.  After all, as an introvert, I don't want to share my world; I just want to write stories that are worth reading and create moments (or hours) of enjoyment to those who read them.  And make some money in the process so that one day I can actually write during the day and not only at night or during other stolen moments. 
But publishing is a business and its operation is independent of my wishes and preferences.  Hence, I now blog.  Usually once a week.  And I hope some of you enjoy it.

Of course I realize blogging is more than just a must.  Now that I do it I see that it has real value; it helped me take that first step outside and test the waters, see if I can take the heat, and introduced me to a number of interesting and talented writers.

Yet I wonder - how useful are blogs in helping us create a platform and develop a following that will impress an agent or a publisher? 

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