Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Good Vacation... from Writing

I thought I would write and review and revise while I was away, but instead of reading my WIP I read Super Why's adventures with my daughter and my nephew's notebook took the place of mine.  Perhaps I should not have planned to work on my writing at all during an event as rare as a week-long vacation with the extended family (indeed, more infrequent but infinitely more precious than a hurricane in New York...), but the promise of one entire week off from work, with hours available to be dedicated to writing was just too sweet to pass up. 

Since returning to my real world three days ago, I have been struggling to recover from both jet lag and the lethargy caused by the break from writing.  Getting off track is effortless - getting back on is exacting.

That said, tonight was a good night for writing - my query letter is finally finished and ready to be sent out to the short list of seven agents I handpicked (yes, I know, a list that meager is certain to result in heartbreak).  Every one of them asks for a synopsis and a sample chapter, both of which are ready and standing by.

But what really happens next? 

Assuming the work is any good, what are the chances for a "request for more" for a no-name, wanna-be writer without credentials and without connections in the business?


  1. Well, I can't tell you that for 100 percent certainty that OF COURSE you will get a good response from an agent, mainly because I haven't been down that road yet myself...I will tell you that you are not a writer wannabe, you ARE already a writer!! You have gone further than so many others!! Be proud of that!! Celebrate that now! Good for you -- and sometimes you need a break from writing!

  2. It's so hard, isn't it? I'm at the same satge with my latest tome too. Need to send out a few more queries. Stay upbeat - it may take a little time. OR it might happen sooner than you think....

  3. Remember that you've done something that a lot of people haven't done, and that's finish a book. That within itself is a major accomplishment. Good luck with the query process!

  4. Thanks Nicole - you are right, I AM a writer! Writing is more than getting published.

    Thank you too Pat - it is so hard, but ultimately it is the pleasure from creating a story or a beautiful bouquet of words that makes it worth it.

    Thank you Cassie Mae for your encouragement and good wishes!


  5. It ALL depends on your query.
    If you get a "no" from all of the, re-work your query, and pick another magnificent group of seven :D

    Hard not to fall in love with agents or editors or publishers as you're researching, though.

  6. Thank you Jolene!
    It is going out tomorrow!! We'll see whether the group of seven or the query (or maybe neither) is the right one!