Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thank You - and the Award Goes To...

Thank you Shannon for the Kreativ Blogger Award :-)

I am going to break the "rules" a bit but here we go:

The Answers

1.  I don't really have a favorite song (more of a classical music lover) but I do like Enter Sandman by Metallica and With You in My Head by Unkle.
2.  Favorite dessert?  Too many to name...but must be organic or at least all natural.
3.  What ticks me off? People who are mean, rude, ignorant, and always "entitled."
4.  When I am upset I'll take a few deep breaths and close my eyes for a minute.
5.  I don't have a favorite pet (no pets, actually) but I did have a dog when I was a child - Caesar.
6.  I always wear black.
7.  I am an eternal optimist but the realist in me is always watching and on stand-by.

The Random Facts

1.  I used to run miles every day, sometimes twice a day (morning and night...)
2.  I speak three languages fluently, still working on perfecting the fourth.
3.  I am a total neat freak.
4.  I love to travel.
5.  I am passionate about clean, healthy, non-toxic living and products and all that relates (eating local & organic, recycling and so forth).
6.  I keep another blog which relates to #5 above - SmartMommyHealthyBaby.
7.  I am a natural gray :-) at least by now.

And The Award Passes to:

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5.  Margo Kelly

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  1. I almost always wear black, too! And count me in on the eternal optimist gang, too. :) And I'm so impressed at the 3 1/2 languages! And the running!

    And thank you so much for passing the award along to me. :o) :o) :o)

    1. Thank you for sharing - and an award to you is a given - your site rocks :-)

  2. Three languages!?! AMAZING! I guess I should dust off my Spanish book and try and work on two.

    1. I was really lucky to have lived in a number of countries and then just kept the languages - lots of practice :-)

  3. I used to always wear blaqck but since I lost a lot of weight and now live in the sunshine I have gone the other way and wear bright bold colours!! Not sure what that says about me...

  4. Thanks so much for the award! I agree with being optimistic, but keeping a realistic eye on things. It's the only way to live! :)

  5. Just to let you know I have featured your blog on my bloglights tour. Best of luck.