Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forty-Seven Minutes

Forty-seven extraordinarily rare and precious moments, without the continuous ringing of the phone, the predictable work "emergencies," and the hungry cries of my little one - nothing but forty-seven beautiful moments of solitude with only the rhythmic clicking of the train's iron wheels.  Forty-seven minutes.

And no pen.

My phone is smiling at me with only one line of battery power indicator, barely enough for an emergency call.  My BlackBerry, that despicable device that controls my days and ruins my weekends, is hanging on its charger in my kitchen.

But I do have a piece of paper - a winkled receipt from Whole Foods, actually - and a black eye liner I sharpened just a few days ago.  And so it goes.  This story and then three-hundred more words.  And a completely blunt eye liner. 

Forty-seven beautiful (and lucky) moments. 


  1. Congratulations. I just passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you and 14 other people. It's like a chain letter. Feel free to accept it or not. Maybe someone will visit your blog because of it.

  2. Oh that is too funny, I've been there many times before!

    Except, without the eyeliner...yikes!

    I stumbled on your blog from CMSmith's blog award and I'm so very glad I did.

    Do keep in touch.

  3. Thank you CM - I will certainly accept it!

    And thank you Aaron - I will be visiting your site next.


  4. This is so hilarious. I have a whole drawer full of napkins, receipts, torn ticket stubs, etc. with notes on them...when I get them into a story...I get to throw them away - finally! :)

  5. Ha! I've wrote in eyeliner before. It smuges. Great post. I will be following you.

  6. Thank you all. I am sure I will never leave the house without eyeliner. Or lipliner. Doubt a mascara would do the trick :-)