Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Blogger Award Time - Well, Sort of...

My fellow writer and blogger CMSmith ( bestowed The Versatile Blogger Award upon me.  Thank you.  I accept - sort of. 

By accepting the award, I must fulfill certain tasks and I have decided to vary them a bit.  I too hope the "blog police" is not going to fine me for not following the rules.

Anyway, first requirement is to thank the person who gave me the award.  Done.

Second requirement is to share seven things about myself.  How about five?  Here we go:
-  I used to be a champion sprinter
-  I am a hobby architect
-  I can knit
-  I speak 3 languages fluently
-  I went "green" four years ago

Third, I have to name 15 bloggers onto whom I want to pass the award.  How about I pass the award on to five bloggers (writers or not) and then name four of my favorite sites related to writing?  I think that is a fair compromise.

- Hali Gomez's Blog ( - a fellow writer who shares her daily efforts and challenges when it comes to writing.
- David Lebovitz's Blog ( - a published author and pastry chef living in Paris.  Enough said.
- Healthy Child Healthy World ( - an interesting and relevant blog if you want to go green.
- Apartment Therapy ( - Style. Space. Inspiration.
- The Virtual Linguist ( - An alternative to a dictionary or thesaurus, and certainly funnier than both.

- Noah Lukeman's Ask a Literary Agent ( - a literary agent's blog about writing and getting published.
- Query Shark ( - submit if you dare!
- Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents ( - I make a point of reading his blog every week.
- Angela Booth's Writing Blog ( - her focus is helping others become better writers.