Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Stories Are In ...

The Annual WD Competition deadline came and passed.  I entered only one new story  - a personal essay to be more specific.  I wanted to enter a (sort of) stand-alone chapter from my novel but somehow I did not get around to finishing the necessary revisions. I was going to do it last night, but a nap turned into a full-night's sleep....
What am I expecting to get out of this year's Annual WD competition?  Mostly five months of a restless subconscious as I wait for the results.  It was last year that I first tested the waters, that I wrote my first short story and personal essay.  Both of my stories received honorable mentions, and, emboldened by my unexpected success and perplexing courage, I wrote two short stories for the Writer's Digest Short Story Competition.  I was certain as only a novice can be that I will receive at least honorable mentions, and secretly hoped that I would do much better.  Of course my hopes were dashed by the sharp blade of reality and I felt embarrassed (more like a fool, really) in front of my own self. 
So, let's wait and see what happens this time!


  1. E.D. you sound like me! I had wanted to submit two shorts from a novel I am working on and like you, came home Friday night convinced I was going to pull a rabbit out of my hat and have two stories ready to submit. Ha Ha. I ended up falling asleep too. I was so tired. I too won honorable mention in a previous contest and like you haven't been able to win anything since. Back to the drawing board! We just have to keep trying. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Dora - thank you for sharing! It is comforting to know other writers know just how I feel and struggle!
    And I definitely agree - we just have to keep trying and as long as we work hard, we will succeed one day!

  3. Good luck on the competition. I entered two short stories as well. I have my fingers crossed, but of course don't expect a newbie like myself to get far at this time. (although I dream of flying to NY!)