Monday, June 6, 2011

You'd Think I Am Depressed

The third draft of my novel has been sitting on my dining table for a month now, waiting patiently for me to decide.  Re-write?  Add another chapter?  Take one out?  Or let it sit a few more weeks to gain (more) perspective?
While I am agonizing over that decision, I have spent some time to organize my writing in general.  I have read a few books on queries and synopses, agents and publishing houses, and made a list of my works.
And here it is.  They are all about death and loss, desperation and suffering.  Every single one of them.
I tried to write happy stories, ones that sing of contentment, joy, and perfectly balanced personalities, but everything that comes out is boring and unoriginal. 
What is that all about?


  1. It's interesting that you mention this. I too have been looking at the notes in my writing journal and the ones high on the list for development all have the same theme: a story about the underdog.
    My only thought is that because I was an underdog growing up, it comes naturally.

  2. Hi Halli,

    At least you have a good reason and explanation :-)

    I am an optimist and generally happy - maybe looking for positives in every sad story... who knows!

    Thanks for your visit, as always.
    All the best,