Sunday, August 14, 2011

Give and Take, and Then Some

I am waiting.

Although I am not exactly sure yet what it is I am waiting for (it could be inspiration, story lines, inner peace, a break in the rain, or bedtime), here I am, sitting in front of my MacBook, thinking, reading, typing, and chewing the inside of my cheeks.  I should be giving a final read to the last couple of chapters of my first novel, the synopsis, and the query letter, or maybe work on the outline of my second novel, or perhaps find inspiration for the two short stories I want to write and enter into the WD competition in October.  I should not waste the little time I have - my real life will awaken together with the rising sun.

But I guess there is value in (almost) everything we do:

- if I do not get signed by an agent, I will not be destroyed, and, instead, will become stronger.
- if my first novel ever get published but does not sell, I can always say that the novel was a great success, but the audience was a disaster.  
- as I gear up for my second novel, "imagination is more important than knowledge." 
- I cannot give up because without art and the world it creates, reality could make my world unbearable.  
- I must keep writing to ensure I do not die without having really lived.

Yes, I know.  Instead of poaching the words of others, I should find my own.  But tonight, their wisdom gives me peace.

I guess that is what I was waiting for. 


  1. Oh good luck to you! I have my own to-dos! Get someone to read that short story I want to submit; finish the short story I started a few days ago; and finish my character outlines for a new novel (three definite up-front characters, including the main characters) and about five to six background characters (including putting together a list of the "extras" or "walk ons" for (still a question mark at this point!)

  2. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  3. Thanks Nicole - I definitely need it! Short stories are great indeed, but sometimes they are even harder than a full-length piece.

    Thank you too, Lola!


  4. I love the line "the novel was a great success but the audience was a disaster"

    An excellent post...

  5. I love this list. :) Especially the one about the audience!

  6. Those are some fabulous words of wisdom! I, too, loved the one about the audience. :)